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Do not accept the initial settlement that the insurance company offers you without consulting an attorney first.

That’s right; just like all other businesses, insurance companies look after their own priorities, no what is in your best interest. Accepting that settlement would be a swift and simple end to your case without ensuring the compensation you deserve. Because of the critical nature of many motorcycle accidents, damages may include long-term care facilities, long term disability, the need for reconstructive or plastic surgery and long income replacement.

An experienced motorcycle accident attorney is capable of shedding light on your potential recovery. Immediately following a motorcycle accident, it’s important to check for injuries, alert emergency services, document the accident, and mind what you may say in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney is capable of shedding light on your potential recovery.

Speak to an experienced attorney and tell the truth

The more information you provide your lawyer, the better. Just like your doctor, they cannot help you if you lie to them. Remember that the attorneys at The Law Offices of Pavel Sterin, P.C. are trying to achieve an optimal outcome for your case. Do not hold anything back from them. Provide police and medical reports, key eye witness statements, insurance information, relevant photographs and video footage, relevant documentation, and medical bills pertaining to your accident/injuries.

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    Our attorneys are experienced motorcycle accident lawyers and experts in working with families who have suffered greatly due to such accidents. We strive to secure a compensation for you and your loved ones through dedication.

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