Great Attorney Great Service

I retained Mr Sterin for a car accident 6 months ago, very professional service and great and friendly staff. Mr Sterin was always very responsive and personally got back to me and answered each question I had. I was very happy with my settlement, a lot more than I expected: I would definetly recommend this office to my friends and will use this lawyer again.

Posted by anonymous

Left Turn Accident

I was involved in a pretty big accident while in the left turn pocket lane waiting to turn. A vehicle randomly t boned me from the side. There was crazy damage to my vehicle and I was hurt and dizzy. I didn’t know what to do or where to the. To get my car fixed. I heard that when you are making a left turn it is usually your fault. I found Mr, Pavel Sterin and be made the entire process very smoothe and easy. My car was repaired quickly and efficiently and I was able to seek treatment for my injuries instantly. All the staff at the law offices of Pavel Sterin are very friendly and helpful. They were always on my side and helped me win my case. I was able to recover a large settlement thanks to the staff at the law offices of Pavel Sterin. I will definitely recommend them.

Posted by Robert

Had my back when my insurance did not!!!

Pavel had my back when my insurance company didn’t. they always treated me like priority number 1, answering any question I had as soon as I asked they were a great help when I was in a tight spot and needed it the most. if you get into an accident and seemingly everything is working against you I recommend reaching out to him.

Posted by anonymous

Great Communication and Client Service

Mr. Sterin provides A CLASS service. He helped me out with a couple different ticket matters, and he consulted me every step of the way. He was very professional and assured me not to worry. I can truly say this man cares for his clients. He even responded to an email question i had on a Saturday night! I now recommend him to any of my friends who have some troubles with the law, his demeanor warm ness and sincerity go a long way! thank you Mr. Sterin!

Posted by anonymous

A+ service

I was involved in a hit and run car accident on the 101 freeway coming home from a family gathering with my parents in the car. My parents both don’t speak English very well and I am currently attending grad school in Atlanta. I am not in LA most of the time and it was very hard to find an attorney that would accommodate our circumstances. I was referred to the Law offices of Pavel Sterin by a friend. I only saw the attorney one time and from them on it was all over the phone. Mr. Sterin was very professional and always responded to my phone calls. I remember dealing with attorneys in the past and it was always a problem getting a hold of them. My parents also enjoyed being represented by Mr. Sterin as he had a farsi translator that made them feel secure. Mr. Sterin was able to guide us through the entire process and we never had to get involved. We received medical treatment for the accident and once it was all completed Mr. Sterin was able to reach a settlement for us that we were all very happy with. I would definitely refer this law office to my friends. All the staff at the office are very professional and they make sure to answer all your questions any time that you call.if you get into an accident and seemingly everything is working against you I recommend reaching out to him.

Posted by Ash

Great Experience, Got the Results I was hoping for and more!!!

I was involved in a side swipe auto collision last year. I tried to deal with the insurance companies alone. My own insurance said I was not at fault but the other insurance was putting me at fault. I didn’t know what to do I started looking for an attorney. I found Mr. Sterin on Google and consulted at his office. I knew from the start they would have my back. They explained everything in great detail so I knew exactly what the process would be like. I had many questions and they didn’t hesitate to answer all of them. I had no idea how the entire process would go before I found this office. Mr. Sterin was able to convince the other insurance that I was not at fault. I was referred to doctors to help with my injuries. Everything was done for me, appointments scheduled, directions, very easy to deal with. I got my settlement last month and all I can say is I was not expecting to get so much! I would definitely use this office again, hopefully I won’t need to.

Posted by Anna

I contacted Paul regarding a question I had about a case I was involved in. He was quick to answer my call, and understood the law like the back of his hand. Another thing I really like about Paul’s office was his staff, they were so nice! I hate being treated like I’m a number but Paul’s people were friendly and courteous, even when I was frustrated. All in all, Paul is a bull-dog of an attorney when he’s dealing with insurance companies. But when it comes to his clients, he treats us with respect, candor, and honesty. if you get into an accident and seemingly everything is working against you I recommend reaching out to him.

Posted by Steven A.

Law Offices of Pavel Sterin was extremely efficient, cordial, and easy-to-deal-with in helping me handle two traffic tickets; both of which involved unfair citations by the officers. Pavel simplified the tedious processes in dealing with the courts and patiently explained things to me. I appreciate the time and work Pavel was able to provide. I will be returning and recommending my friends.

Posted by Kay M.

So happy I found Mr. Sterin as my lawyer to help me with my car accident. Mr. Sterin provides very professional and thorough one on one services and helped ease the stress through the whole process. He really cares about his clients and was always available to address concerns I had. Knock on wood I don’t experience another accident, but if I do I know who to call. Totally recommend to my friends and family! Best lawyer in LA!

Posted by Jen C.

I was rear ended while waiting at a stop sign in Beverly Hills. I have used attorneys for car accidents before so I was going to go with my usual attorney except he was out of town. I found mr. sterin through a mutual friend. I was very pleased with the way he and his staff handled my case. They kept me informed throughout the way. The process was very easy. I was happy with the settlement I got, it was way more than I expected. If I am ever in an accident again I will definitely use Mr. Sterin.

Posted by Danny D.

i received 2 speeding tickets in less than 2 months apart, i was very scared that my insurance would go up. I then right away went on yelp and started searching for attorneys who do traffic tickets and came across Mr. Sterin after reading a few reviews. i contacted them and he reassured me not to worry that this matter will be handled. He was very professional and even dedicated time to speak with me on a Sunday. Mr Sterin was able to completely dismiss both of my tickets without even going to court. thank god for him! i would highly recommend him.

Posted by Joseph N.

Pavel is a wonderful attorney and can’t forget to mention how helpful and sweet his staff is. I was t boned and my car was a total loss. They updated me constantly on the case so I always knew what’s going on. I couldn’t be more happier with my settlement.

Posted by Elizabeth K

I got into a serious accident and was injured. Contacted the law office and they took great care of me making sure I was covered threw the whole process. I would recommend these guys to anyone very professional and looked out for ME the whole way. Thank you Pavel Sterin you really saved me and my family I can’t think you enough.

Posted by Jake T.

My brother was involved in an Accident and we were looking for a good lawyer to trust, after searching around we finally found Mr. Sterin, he was amazing at handling our case to the point that we had nothing to stress about because it was in good hands. Mr. Sterin and his assistant Alina were both very informative and helpful with anything questions we had about our case. Highly recommend meeting with Mr. Sterin, if you have any tickets or accidents you may need help with.

Posted by Sevak K.

I got rear ended. Was put in a very bad situation but thank god for this lawyer! Helped me out with everything. I recommend this guy for everybody. Thank you

Posted by Alex P.

Called Pavel to set up an appointment for my case. Was extremely professional giving me A to Z about my case and making me feel protected and covered through out my time there. If you want a lawyer who cares for you first before his money, this is the man!

Posted by Sacha Y.

Absolutely great attorney! Was very helpful throughout the entire case, couldn’t be more pleased with my settlement. I highly recommend him and his staff. Thank you!!!

Posted by Isay K.

I recently got a red light camera ticket and when the ticket came it was made out to my corporation since my car is leased under the Corp. I searched for an attorney who would take on my ticket because I knew there had to be a way to dismiss it. I interviews about 3 other attorneys and all of their prices were very unreasonable and not promising. I found attorney Pavel Sterin who changed less than any of the attorneys I interviewed before. After speaking to him I felt comfortable that the ticket would be dismissed. The ticket was dismissed without a problem. Thanks to Mr. Pavel Sterin and his friendly and helpful staff.

Posted by Jay J.

I got into a pretty big car accident a few months ago. I was shocked and startled as I haven’t been involved in any serious accidents before. I have a very busy schedule as I work full time and my job requires me to be on call 24/7. I had no time to deal with filing a case and fighting with insurances in order to collect my money. I knew Pavel Sterin in college, and I knew that he is a prominent personal injury attorney. I decided to give him a call. From the first phone call the professionalism was outstanding. He made me feel very comfortable and assured me that all will be taken care of. He explained the entire process to me from car repairs, to medical bills, all the way to settlement. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. My case settled for a very good amount of money and I was extremely satisfied. I have since referred Mr. Sterin a few of my friends. I know that the attorney market is very saturated today, especially personal injury, but I believe Mr. Sterin did a phenomenal job and I couldn’t picture going to anyone but him about my case.

Posted by Jonny E.

I was recently involved in a minor collision. It seemed like a simple accident and i thought I would be able to handle the claim on my own. When i started the process everything went fine until my insurance told me I was 50% at fault. That is when I started looking for an attorney. I consulted a couple attorneys and decided to go with Mr. Pavel Sterin because of his professionalism and experience in personal injury. Pavel was able to prove to both insurances that I was 0% at fault and got the other party’s insurance to accept 100% liability. Working with this law firm was an extremely pleasant experience. All the staff were helpful and knowledgeable and made me feel secure the entire time. I have dealt with attorneys in the past who sign you up and then rarely ever answer their phone or follow up about the status of your case. This firm did quite the opposite. They would call me a few times a week explaining each and every step throughout the process. Glad that I found this attorney.

Posted by Ilya S.